Saturday, January 15, 2011

Domination on Jungle

When playing domination in the jungle the key to wining the game is having a person or two hold up by B up above behind the hut. If you hold here you have a good view of B and A i believe it is. If you are holding here you have those barrels to protect when looking at A and you have the height and surprise advantage whenever someone try's to take B. Everyone else on the team should patrol and try and hold the other team to the C point. If you do this then there is almost no way you can lose if this point is held correctly. Sorry no video i do not have a capture card so i can only do 30 second videos with the call of duty theater mode. Ill show this place in a video as soon as I get to school and settled in.


  1. big cod player here on ps3.

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  2. I play on 360. Which platform do you play on?